Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance System

By using our Asset Maintenance System, businesses can reduce downtime and maintenance costs, improve asset reliability, and extend asset lifespan.


  • Improved Equipment Reliability: It helps to identify and prevent failures, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable operation of critical assets.
  • Increased Asset Lifespan: It helps businesses to extend the lifespan of their asset, reducing the need for costly replacements and improving the return on investment.
  • Better Cost Control: By scheduling maintenance tasks and identifying potential issues before they become serious problems, businesses can control maintenance costs and avoid unexpected expenses.
  • Regulatory Compliance: It can help your business to comply with relevant regulations and standards for asset maintenance and safety.
  • Increased Asset Availability: It ensures that critical assets are available when needed, reducing downtime and improving productivity.
  • Better Planning: It enable businesses to plan and schedule maintenance activities, reducing the impact of maintenance on production schedules and ensuring that assets are maintained at the right time.
  • Increased Asset Value: It helps to maintain asset value and prevent depreciation, protecting the investment in the asset over time.

Major Components

Empower your maintenance team with our user-friendly maintenance system.

Incident, Maintenance & Change Request
It helps businesses improve service levels, reduce downtime, and ensure that the asset meets business or social needs.
Workflow & Approval
By automating routine tasks and providing a structured framework for approvals, businesses can ensure that work is completed accurately and on time, improving productivity.
Ticket Management
By implementing PMCore, businesses can ensure that they are providing high-quality service to their customers and maintaining a competitive advantage.